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Who we are

Who We Are


Connecting Differences, LLC is a woman-owned boutique consulting business specializing in leadership, teambuilding, diversity and inclusion, and cultural agility  development.

What We Do


We partner with our clients to celebrate differences and facilitate change. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment when it comes to human capital. In today’s economy, development of global-ready talent and true cultural agility constitute the new competitive advantage.

We help our clients connect differences from intercultural to interpersonal, making workplace inclusion real, building strong teams, and navigating complex topics through effective process facilitation.

We know how to be a “fire extinguisher,” working with teams who need to clean out toxicity and work through conflicts. We help our clients build positive experiences for internal and external customers, unleash creativity and innovation, foster a sense of belonging and engage effectively.

One size never fits all. We don’t come to you with prepackaged solutions. We work together to uncover creative solutions to your organization’s unique challenges. 

Our Philosophy


Differences attract. Differences distract. Left unattended, our differences in values, styles, and behaviors can cause anything from slight irritations to major break-ups and break-downs.

But when approached with wonder and respect, our differences can create a workplace where people want to show up and stay present, involved, and engaged.

Diversity is a fact of life. Inclusion is a behavioral choice. We see emotional intelligence as a must-have ingredient of truly inclusive organizational culture.

Whether your focus is global, domestic, or both Connecting Differences, LLC supports you in finding most mindful and creative solutions for leaders, teams, and organizations. 

Our Services


Numerous studies show that diverse teams have great potential to be high-performing, creative, and innovative. But that doesn’t happen automatically just because different people are brought together and designated as a team. It takes time, effort, resources, and willingness to build an effective team. We help leaders develop skills to act as facilitators of change and growth for their teams.


We provide:


  • Team Building (for teams striving to be much more than simply a sum of parts)

  • Team Maintenance (for teams that know the value of ongoing development)

  • Team Cleaning(for toxic or potentially toxic teams)

Teams and Leaders

Adjusting to change is a complicated process for people and organizations. Times of transitions tend to challenge people’s sense of identity and escalate difference-based tensions. Every crisis can turn into an opportunity, but a crisis will never make that turn on its own. We serve as Trusted Advisors working with individuals, teams, and organizations in transitions.


We provide:


  • Transition-centered coaching

  • Mindfulness-based leadership development

  • Growth-focused experiential learning

Transitions and Transformations

Conflicts are an unavoidable part of life. But, the truth is, many conflicts don’t have to happen in the first place. Conflicts often arise when misunderstandings turn into MISSED understandings.  As Paul Watzlawick’s famous phrase goes, “We cannot not communicate.” But we sure can communicate ineffectively if we don’t have the tools to communicate well.


We provide:


  • Team communication skill building

  • Conflict transformation guidance

  • Difficult dialogue facilitation

Communication and Conflict
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