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Transitions through Time and Space
Join Us for the Free Webinar about Mastering the Power of Transitions
  • Transitions of time and in time

  • Transitions of cultures and between cultures

  • Transitions of our lives and life around us



John (“Jack”) Condon, considered one of the founders of the field of intercultural communication, has lived in or near large cities for much of his life (Chicago, Mexico City, Tokyo).  After nearly a third of his adult life outside of the U.S., in recent years his home is in Jemez Springs, NM (pop. 375), site of this seminar. Jack is Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Communication at the University of New Mexico, but he prefers to learn in collaboration with others outside of the conventional classroom, in and from the natural and built environment. 


Tatyana  Fertelmeyster, an interculturalist, and a mental health counselor came to the United States from Russia in 1989 moving from one of the largest cities in the world (Moscow) to a "bedroom community" in the Chicagoland suburbia. She does not like to move, and she feels most at home on the road. In her consulting practice, Tatyana has a strong preference for spontaneous facilitation – an approach to working with groups and individuals that is based on maximum presence to what is happening right at the moment and bringing learning in through insights, metaphors, and mindful meaning-making.

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