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seminar  Outline

We all learn differently


Some people prefer engaging in not knowing what’s next while others appreciate a step-by-step description of what to expect. This outline is created for all of us to meet in the middle of our learning preferences. Our seminar includes invitations to rare opportunities in this place and time, as a way to explore various layers of cultures and identities. It also incorporates deep learning built on a principle of the emerging design which is driven by a group composition. We have had participants coming more than once and having completely new experiences. 



Learning Process


Participants engage in large group discussions, small group activities, and individual

reflections. Seminar facilitators emphasize a balanced approach to learning through

visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques. Experiential learning is significantly

strengthened by our experiences in this environment and how we bring those into

our conversations. 



Main Topics


Driven by the composition of the group, both personal and professional. Cultural Identity (previous groups discussed race and ethnicity, gender, generation, national, multicultural, LGBTQ, and various other identities). The sense of Place (previous groups discussed transitions and adjustments, belonging, intersections of place and identity, what do we feel is "home.") Cultural Exploration (previous groups discussed insider/outsider experiences, dominant/non-dominant cultures, the role of history in current events, and more.)  This year, transitions -- across time and places and identity -- will be a strong theme.  





Bodhi Manda Zen Center provides a gentle container that supports and enriches our experience.

Participants are welcome to partake in early morning meditations or meditate on their own in the

beautiful Sutra Hall. We encourage participants to minimize their use of smartphones and other

destructive devices and engage fully with a unique collection of human realities that each group

brings together to create its own collage defined by coordinates of culture – place and time,

here and now, there and then.




Time, Place and Relationships


Privileged to be here on a Pueblo Feast Day, we are invited to the family home of a friend, an award-winning potter Emma Yepa, who will welcome us with a traditional Feast Day meal and also show us how she makes her pottery in this famous pottery village, from the digging the clay to the shaping of the pots -- no wheel is used -- and then the firing: the whole process.  We will go to the center place of this Jemez Pueblo to witness the ritual dances with the rhythm of the drummers, the heartbeat. No pictures or videos are allowed during our visit.  We must be fully present, respectful guests.



Sense of Belonging


Nothing is better for giving us this wonderful feeling than contributing together to support a place that becomes our a home for a few days and a wonderful memory forever. Every year we engage in our “community service” at Bodhi – giving a couple of hours of our labor and creativity to whatever needs to be done. You would be surprised how much joy you can get out of raking leaves or sorting grapes to be dried for raisins when it is done with a group of intelligent - and funny - people under blue skies of New Mexico.



Taking something home with you


Don’t forget to bring some money for unique gifts. You will have a number of opportunities to do your holiday shopping, surprising your loved ones with original pieces of local art and jewelry. 







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