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Place. Identity. Culture. Home.

Meanings of times and places in our lives

             Photography by Benjamin Broom

Some of us affirm our identity with the place our parents or grandparents lived.  Or we may identify more with an era, as part of “a generation,” that holds more meaning than a place.  For some, our ‘identity’ is in our search for a place to call home. E.T. Hall, who grew up in the area where the seminar is held, considered Time and Place the central coordinates of culture.  Culture and identity are layered, and we meet at a place richly layered, and warmed by the natural geo-thermal hot springs just outside our door. 


Join us to explore together the complex meanings of home and culture and identity for each of us in a place with thousands of years of very rich and complex history.  We will meet on the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 9, and in the evening walk over to the 14th Century site of Giusewa of the original Jemez Pueblo on the most beautiful night of the year in this historic site.  On Tues, Dec. 12, we will be welcomed by friends at Jemez Pueblo for a traditional feast, and invited to the ritual matachines dance which express and challenge our discussions. 


To register online click hereContact us for more information if you have any questions. 

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